I am VERY selective when choosing hair masks and treatments after a very traumatic keratin hair mask experience a few years ago. I honestly won’t even lookat a hair mask if it contains protein or keratin, or anything questionable or too harsh or that matter, for fear of damaging my fine locks. I’ll go crazy on face masks and treatments, leaving them on my face well over the directed time, but my hair can’t deal with that same aggressiveness. Do you feel me on this?


I recently went cold turkey off hair masks to prevent another disaster. But as time passed, my ends became dry and needed some extra love (because if you haven’t heard, winter is never ending in New York). So, I slowly and carefully started trying hair masks again. My rule of thumb is that I look for masks that are vegetable based and don’t contain any keratin or animal proteins. I don’t want anything heavy or over-chemicalized that will leave my hair feeling lifeless and greasy. I need a mask that delivers beautifying results and comes packed with moisture without weighing me down.

The Best Hair Masks


After doing a little  research, I found a few masks that are AMAZING and non-damaging. These are my new favorite go-tos that I rotate through on a weekly basis. I trust these babies to (SAFELY!) get the job done right:

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (England): Philip Kingsley has over 55 years of Trichological experience, which is the scientific study of the hair and scalp. He’s like a doctor, but for your hair. His range of products target specific problem areas to promote healthy and nourished locks. I visited his New York City based office a few years ago and was introduced to this super-conditioning pre-shampoo treatment that intensely moisturizes the hair’s cuticles to boost elasticity and add bounce to the hair. Leave it on for 20 minutes pre-shampoo and you’ll notice increased suppleness and shine after just one use. I love it!

Christophe Robin Cleansing Mask with Lemon (France): Christophe Robin calls his Cleansing Mask the “Rolls-Royce” of shampoos for colored hair. The non-detergent formula fixes color and restores a natural gloss and bounce to dyed hair. Lemon Zest extracts clean hair and scalp and help rebalance pH levels, while soothing Chamomile and St. John’s wort extracts prevent loss of artificial pigment.

Davines Minu Hair Mask (Italy): This illuminating and regenerating mask is another that is ideal for colored hair. Its formula is designed to deeply nourish the hair, making it soft and silky. It even improves the duration of color – without weighing it down. The mask relies on plant-based active ingredients like capers from Salina, Italy. Yum yum.

Cocovit Coconut Oil (India): By now we all know about the magic of coconut oiland its multiple uses, so it comes as no surprise that it’s amazing for the hair too. I’ll apply a tablespoon of oil to my hair’s cuticles and through to the ends once a week before shampooing. It gives you that shine and moisture that the freezing temps and dry air take away. It seriously helps condition hair from the inside-out providing strength, moisture and shine.

Bumble and bumble Mending Masque (USA): I am a HUGE Bumble fan…It’s my go-to salon in New York, so I basically use all of their products, and I really just trust the brand. This masque is geared towards those with colored and damaged hair – aka me. For the ultimate repair, use it weekly to restore strength and elasticity.